2019 pre-Conference will feature Course 1 & 2!

Training and Certification

Course 1: Trauma-Informed


Course 1 introduces CRI’s capacity-building framework for building resilience, KISS.  Knowledge, Insight, Strategies and Structure describes our community’s learning and movement from theory to practice and how to implement evidence-based strategies into action. The training includes three groups of topics:  the NEAR sciences, a cluster of emerging scientific findings in the fields of Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACE Study, and Resilience; Brain States, the critical transition from Knowledge to Insight; and ROLES, CRI’s signature training on Recognize, Observe, Label, Elect and Solve, core strategies that take us below the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The key objective is to provide information about identifying and responding to trauma with evidence-based resilience strategies when working with an audience whose trauma history may not be known.

Course 2: Trauma-Supportive


Course 2 describes training on topics that teach the knowledge and skills required by individuals who have contact with those who may be adversely affected by trauma and toxic stress, whether or not the trauma is known. These topics include resilience-based practices with universal application, such as classrooms, offices, or other places the general public may congregate. Topics in this category focus on prevention and teach a variety of strategies to address the often-hidden effects of trauma and toxic stress by fostering resilience within the individual and the larger community.

Course 3: Trauma-Practitioner


Course 3 describes training on topics that teach the knowledge and skills required by individuals who have more regular and intense contact with individuals who may be adversely affected by trauma and toxic stress, such as staff in juvenile and adult court systems, homeless shelters, mental health clinics, and treatment centers. Topics in this category are intervention focused and are designed to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma and toxic stress, while equipping practitioners with the insight and strategies to engage triggered individuals with confidence and compassion.

Other Training Options

Community-wide Resilience Building Framework

Without a community focus on resilience across all domains in which we live our lives, individual resilience may be challenged. This training focuses on the overarching shift to trauma-informed care at the broader community level, and how to get there. Let us help you shape your community’s plan for moving to a trauma-informed and resilient community, one based on help, hope and healing.

Training of Trainers

All you need is a desire to teach Trauma-Informed Care to individuals in your organization. Our comprehensive Agency Affiliated Training will give you the knowledge and experience to be a competent instructor.  

Customizable Training, Support and Coaching

CRI will customize our material to fit your individual, agency or community need. We know every journey is unique and we can help structure your learning based on whatever your starting point is on the spectrum of shifting the culture from trauma-focused to resilience-building.

Current Scheduled Courses

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